Friday, March 6, 2009

Main Street Sighting

Today I spotted a wooden hammer handle almost in front of the fire station approximately 1/2 mile from the intersection of South Main Street and Loop 610 South. The handle is lying against the median barrier of the northeast bound lane. There is no head on the hammer. It's even possible that this is not a hammer handle at all, but I looked at it pretty closely as I slowly rolled by in stop and go traffic and I so I am confident in my identification.

I was hoping to see the hammer head lying nearby. The handle is large enough be a hand held sledge hammer. I do not possess a hand held sledge hammer. I spotted one several years ago on the side of 59 south on the north bound lane, but circumstances and the rules kept me from picking it up. One week later it was gone. I don't need a handle of this type at this time so unless I stop beside this object it will remain unclaimed until someone else picks it up.

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