Friday, March 27, 2009

Main Street Craftsman Wrench

I found this Craftsman 1 1/4 Combination Wrench on Main Street on the southwest bound interior shoulder near the Holmes Road on ramp on my way home from work. This wrench and another one like it lay there for several weeks. The location made it difficult to determine how I might pick up the wrench safely.

After three or four weeks I noticed one of the tools was no longer "lost". I determined at that time to "find" the other wrench. I parked at the base of the hill behind some traffic barrels. I then walked approximately 300 feet on the opposite side of the road because there was almost no traffic. I then slowly crawled over the traffic barrier and picked up the tool. Recrossing the barrier I walked back to my truck and went home.

This is a huge wrench, over 16 inches long. It weighs over 1 pound. Unfortunately I will probably have very few opportunities to use this wrench. The replacement cost for this wrench is almost $25; however, at one time you could purchase this tool in a set for a greatly reduced per tool price.

When viewing the map link you may notice there is no shoulder or traffic barrels in the photo. Main Street is now open with 3 full lanes. The interior shoulder is completely gone. When I obtained this wrench in 2005 Main Street was still a work in progress. The completion of the Main Street widening project has vastly changed traffic from the Missouri City area. In particular it shortened my trip home by 15 minutes.

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