Tuesday, May 26, 2009

HWY 288 Hammer Sighting

I spotted this hammer on the way to work. The hammer is lying on the inside shoulder of 288 just south of the Wheeler Avenue overpass.

The hammer appears to be covered in cement. The hammer was all grey, indicating it was used in rockwork or to build and disassemble cement frames. Not a very valuable tool and defintely not worth stopping for since I have a dozen hammers at home.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hwy 288 Slotted Screwdriver Sighting

I saw this screwdriver on my way home from work today. The screwdriver was lying in the on ramp median where Yellowstone enters onto Hwy 288 southbound. The handle appears to be beat up. The handle is clear with a blue strip near the top of the handle near the metal shaft.

This screwdriver is lying about 100 feet north of the black handled screwdriver I posted recently. I also saw it again today. Anyone stopping for one should go ahead and pick up both.

I-45 North On Ramp Utility Knife Sighting

On my way to work today I spotted a utility knife. The utility knife was lying on the inside shoulder of the on north bound on ramp from Hwy 288/59 to I-45 North. Traffic in the mornings is always rather slow between 6 and 8:30 each morning at this spot.

The knife appears to be the same sliding/hidden blade type utility knife I found about a month ago. It is a dark grey and appears to have been bounced to the shoulder. I don't believe it has been run over. This is a really busy on ramp. The chances of obtaining this knife is slim and none.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Highway 280 - Screwdriver Sighting

I spotted this black plastic handled screwdriver on the right shoulder of Southbound 288 at the end of the on ramp from Yellowstone.

The screwdriver appears to be a Phillips head screwdriver. the shaft of the screwdriver is slightly bent and it also appears to be rusted. I have no real need for this screwdriver although it would be easy to obtain. The rules say no, plus I just don't need it.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Fort Bend Tollway - Diagonal Wire Cutters Sighting

I spotted this tool on my way home from work. The Fort Bend Tollway is lightly used compared to most of the roads around Houston. I am always grateful for the lack of traffic, but this also means very few tools. The wire cutters are lying on the inside shoulder of the southbound lane (all 12 inches of it) on the Beltway 8 overpass about 50 feet north of the Fort Bend county line sign.

The cutter has blue rubber handles and appears to be in fine shape. The lack of traffic may give me an opportunity to pick these up in the future if I'm not in too big a hurry to get home.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hwy 288 South - Lever Load Binder

I found this Lever Load Binder on the side of Hwy 288 South southbound just north of the Wheeler Avenue overpass. The load binder was lying about three feet off of the road on the inside shoulder. Traffic was flowing along at a swift 15 mph. I spotted the binder, pulled over quickly, threw my emergency lights on, jumped out of my truck, grabbed the binder, jumped back in my truck and upon turning my emergency lights off I found an open spot in traffic and continued on my trip home. The entire episode lasted less than 2 minutes.

The load binder was manufactured by Lebus. This is a simple lever load binder. There are more complex ratcheting binders. The binder weighs over 10 pounds and has an overall length of over 24 inches. To view the size scale of this tool I've included a second photo with a 16 inches by 24 inches metal square for reference. I also located some specifics about Lebus load binders. Overall the binder is in good operating condition, but like most well used binders it is covered in surface rust.

I've always wanted to stop and pick up a load binder, but the opportunity has never presented itself. Something has always prevented me from picking up the load binders I've seen in the past. Bad traffic, broken binders, binders in the middle of the road, late for work, this is just a few of the reasons I've passed up load binders I've seen in the past. Today the planets aligned and I picked up a load binder. Obviously, the binder dropped off of a tractor trailer or maybe even a wrecker. Binders of this type are relatively inexpensive costing around $30 +/-.

This tool epitomizes my odd penchant for spotting and picking up tools on the side of the road. I can say without any hesitation that I will probably never have a need for this tool. I do have a chain I found that I can use with this load binder, but I can't conceive of a time or task that will present the opportunity to use this tool. I will probably clean the binder to stop the rusting and then paint it red with Rust-oleum and hang it on the wall.

I found your lost "teaching" tool - Glenn Lakes Lane - Dry Erase Board

I found this Dry Erase Board on Glenn Lakes Lane about 75 feet north of the intersection of Glenn Lakes Lane and Crow Valley.

The board was lying in the street on the left side of the north bound lane. It was early Sunday morning on our way back from the 7:30 Mass at St. Lawrence in Sugarland around 2002. I stopped and shoved the board in the back of my truck and continued home.

The board is in great shape except for a loose marker tray and bent or missing hangers on the back side of the board. It is the standard 8 feet by 4 feet that you find in many school rooms. The board has remained in my garage for the past 6 years. I will probably sell it on craig's list this year unless someone I know wants it.

Daytona Beach - Shovel


I found this flat shovel in the Atlantic Ocean. The shovel was located in 4.5 feet of water about 20 feet off shore on Daytona Beach Shores, Florida. When I first spotted the shovel I thought it was a shark or a sting ray, but it didn't move so I kept watching it and noticed that not only was it stationary but it appeared to be more regularly shaped than most fish. After about 3 minutes I worked up the courage to stick out my hand and grab the narrow end of the submerged image. Any other time it would be something crazy to do. This time I wound up with a shovel instead of missing a hand. I pulled the shovel to shore and my Dad packed it in the car and we brought it back to Gadsden, Alabama 4 days later.

I found this shovel in July of 1980. This was the summer after I graduated from high school. My parents decided to celebrate this achievement by taking the family to Daytona Beach and Disney World. I drove over half way to Daytona Beach. I had never driven for over 8 hours. I can remember being extremely tired. The experience was one of the most exhausting times I can remember. Driving home was similar. I drove over 6 to 8 hours that day also.

The day after I came home I had to go back to work. This was almost the differentiation of my life from high school to college and adulthood (If you believe I've actually made it to adulthood.).

Hwy 280 - Push Broom

I found this push broom on the side of the Mountain as I traveled south on Hwy 280 from Birmingham to Alexander City. I was on my way back from an appointment to see my doctor (routine). The push broom was lying on the left shoulder. I went to the next median opening turned around and went back and picked up the broom.

The rubber handle was slightly rough from the sanding it received upon dropping from whatever vehicle lost it. Otherwise the push broom is in great shape. I've used this broom many times since I found it in 1997.

Hwy 280 - Plastic Rake

I found this rake on the north bound side of Hwy 280 about a mile north of the Wal-Mart on Hwy. 280 in Alexander City, Alabama. The rake was almost new when I found it in 1996.

I've used this rake many times for leaves and other loose detritus. Over the years I've broken many of the teeth out of this rake. I've relegated it to pooper scooper duty. The rake with all of these broken teeth really isn't much good for anything else.