Friday, March 13, 2009

Cedar Bend Road Crescent Adjustable Wrench

This is one of the first tools I found. The year was around 1978. I found this Crescent adjustable wrench on Cedar Bend Road in front of the Routon Dairy. I was driving a 1968 Pontiac Catalina. I was on my way to school or work, probably school. I spotted the wrench and stopped to pick it up. I spotted a 12 inch heavy duty screwdriver down the road another 50 feet and picked it up also. I believe the screwdriver was lost in the fire that destroyed my father's garage. The wrench needs to be cleaned. I don't use it often because I have the Armstong adjustable wrench that is much heavier.

This wrench reminds me of how my hometown has changed. The dairy no longer exists. The Routon family lost the dairy and the property was sold. Houses now dot much of the property and eventually the silos that mark the dairy will be destroyed. The Catalina was sold a year or two later and I started driving my first car, a yellow 1973 Chevy Nova with a 307 8-cylinder engine.

I believe we always look back at life as being simpler than it is now. In this case it probably was simpler, but I don't miss it. Complication makes life more interesting. Bring on life!

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