About the Author

I was born during the last years of the Baby Boom.  The child of parents born in the 1940's, I have always had a penchant for collecting.  Both parents contributed a full half set of the pack rat gene to their children so I and my siblings have a full set of pack rat syndrome genes.  I constantly fight the urge to never ever throw anything away.

I have several inspirations for this blog.  Besides my general desire to write something, I was inspired by the blog "one cold hand?".  Although I have not reunited any of the tools I found with their owners, I would be inclined to give the tool back if a legitimate owner stepped forward.  Another inspiration for the past 12 years has been to find a way to actively spend my time while stuck in traffic.  Although I do listen to the radio including NPR, I am still visually bored and the only thing that seems to hold my attention and allows me to concentrate on the road in stop and go traffic is to look for/at lost items and other detritus on side of the road. I am also really good at visual identification.  I see shapes even at high speeds and I recognize and identify the item. Finally I find tools useful.  Unlike many people that don't use or care for tools I like and use tools regularly.  Most of the tools in my collection see use from time to time including the "found" tools.

So keep an eye on this blog.  Feel free to offer feedback on the writig style or on articles you would like to see.  If you pick up a lost tool send me a picture and few lines and I will post your story.  Until then...