Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tools Galore!

Last Tuesday, my wife and I heard a loud crash in front of the house. Thinking someone had hit the light pole in front of my neighbor's house I walked outside to see the damage.

(The light pole is a popular target. The pole has been replaced at least once a year and usually twice a year for the past 10 years. In addition, the couple living in the house with the light pole in their yard have had the tree in their yard hit by a car and last year their house was hit by a car that somehow missed the light pole and the tree.)

As I walked outside I noticed a truck had stopped down the street. I also noted the light pole was intact, but there appeared to be debris underneath it. A closer inspection noted a toolbox and dozens of tools lying in the street. The owner of the truck down the street had not put his tool box away and when he hit the curve centrifugal force dumped the tool box in the street. It probably took him 30 minutes to pick up the tools. I went back inside (the temperature was still over 95 degrees) and left him to work in peace.

This is another cautionary tale. Always tie down your tools and other belongings when they are in the back of an open truck bed.