Friday, March 27, 2009

Hwy 6 Open End Metric Wrench

Some tools I don't remember well. This is one of those tools. I believe I found this open end metric wrench on Hwy 6 in Sugar Land, but the truth is it could have been somewhere else.

This is an inexpensive "off brand" tool. The tool does state "Made in the U.S.A". I found this tool about three years ago. This tool was probably made as a freebie placed in a parts kit with a shelving unit or something similar. The tool is 10 mm on one end and 11 mm on the other end. There is no rust on this tool, but it has been beat up pretty well from cars and trucks hitting it repeatedly. This will be a great tool for removing batteries since I don't have to worry about harming the tool with battery acid.

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