Monday, March 30, 2009

Hwy 288 Offset Boxend Wrench Revisited

Rainy weather in Houston, Texas has a direct correlation to bad traffic. On my way home I stopped to pick up this wrench I spotted two weeks ago. Traffic was "flowing" along at 10 miles per hour. The possibility of accidents at 10 MPH is almost negligible. The shoulder while not overly wide when considering stopping at 60+ MPH was more than wide enough at 10 MPH. I don't have any offset box end wrenches so the rules also allowed me to pick up this wrench.

This is an S-K Hand Tool wrench. The size is 13/16 on one end and 7/8 on the other. The tool code is B2628 I had guessed the wrench was 13/16 or 3/4. I was 50% correct. Not bad for passing by at 40 to 60+ miles per hour. Purchased directly from SK Tools this wrench would cost you around $30. The tool has light surface rust, but is otherwise in good shape.

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