Thursday, March 26, 2009

45South/59/288South Off Ramp Needle Nose Pliers Sighting

The trip home has been quicker since I began going home using 45 South to off ramp 59/288 South to 610. Today I spotted needle nose pliers lying on the inside lane stripe of the 59/288 South off ramp. In my honest opinion, no one in their right mind will attempt to obtain these pliers during daylight hours. The Pierce Elevated section of I 45 is one of the busiest sections of interstate in Houston. Hundreds of thousands of vehicles pass through this intersection daily. The only chance of ever retrieving this tool would be early in the morning or during stop and go traffic which happens occasionally on this stretch of urban interstate. If anyone of my readers retrieves this tool, I will post an article with your picture and the story of your exploits on this blog or if you are unsuccessful your obituary.

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