Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Main Street Diagonal Wire Cutters

I found this diagonal wire cutter on the inside median of Main Street about 1.5 miles southwest of the Main Street/610 South intersection. I picked it up on my way to work in December of 2008. I spotted the wire cutter several weeks earlier, but the location prevented me from even thinking about stopping. The only way to even have a chance to pick it up was to have traffic stop me right beside the cutter. Luck was with me in early December. Traffic was heavy and backed up over 2 miles. Stop and go traffic held me up over twenty minutes and during that time I stopped by the wire cutter and decided to pick it up.

The handle covers are in bad shape but the tool has only a little surface rust. The cutting blades are in excellent shape. I should be able to eventually repair the handle covers if needed. I have several differnt types of wire cutters so there is no hurry to repair this one. I liberally sprayed the wire cutter with lubricating oil and placed it with my other tools in the garage.

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