Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Clubview Drive True Temper Anvil Pruner

I found these True Temper anvil hand pruner while walking with my spouse on Clubview Drive in Alexander City, Alabama in 1996. The pruners were lying in the middle of the street. Fortunately, this is a little traveled street in one of the nicer neighborhoods in Alex City.

When I found the pruners they were in excellent shape if not brand new. Over the years I've abused these pruners and yet they still cut well. The pruners were probably lost by the gardener for the Russell family member that lived in the house on the west side of the street. I have other pruners I use more often now, but I still use these for tough jobs. It appears Ames does not make this type of pruner any more. Better models are available. This past weekend I used the pruners to cut bamboo. The pruners cut the bamboo like a knife slicing through hot butter. Not bad for a really abused tool.

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