Sunday, June 14, 2009

Beltway 8 - Needle Nose Pliers Sighting

I spotted this tool on the way back from a visit to my opthamologist.  I've had recurrent episodes of iritis.  It was midafternoon around 4:00 CST.  The needle nose pliers were lying on the inside shoulder next to the lane divider about two miles west of the Fort Bend Tollway exit on eastbound side of the road.

The pliers had blue plastic handle covers and appeared to be in good shape from my 60 MPH drive by observation. There was no opportunity to pick these up and since I have numerous pairs already there was no need to consider the option of stopping.

59 South- Lug Wrench Sighting

I spotted this lug wrench or tire iron on 59 South on my way to work after a morning doctor appointment.  The tire iron was lying on the inside shoulder on the north bound side of the road underneath the overpass at the intersection of Beltway 8 and Hwy 59 south.  It was lying under trash so all I saw was the top half of the tool, but it was easily recognizable.

The lug wrench was the usual black color.  Two days later when I went back through it was gone.  Lug wrenches are always useful.  I have several besides the wrenches in the car. I also found while researching this article that lug wrenches are the weapon of choice for many road rage incidents due to the proximity of the tool during auto related incidents.  I've found one so there was no need to pick up this one.

59 South On Ramp - Screwdriver Sighting

I spotted a 8 inch flat head (it appeared) screwdriver on my way to lunch with my coworker Jeff. The screwdriver was lying at the end of the on ramp to 59 south just south of Greenbriar.

The screwdriver appeared to be relatively new with a red and blue handle reminiscent of Craftsman screwdrivers. Jeff swears I have radar for such things. I believe its easy to see these things when you aren't driving.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Main Street - Combination Wrench Sighting

I spotted a small combination wrench on the north bound sidewalk on Main Street on the north side of the Holcombe underpass on my way to work.

The wrench was approximately 5 to 7 millimeter wrench with the high gloss look. Not disimilar to the 7mm ratcheting wrench I picked up after Ike visited last year, this wrench lay there for several months before someone finally picked it up. Touche'

Friday, June 5, 2009

Main Street South - Hammer Head Sighting

I spotted a hammer head lying on the inside shoulder of Main Street in the southwest bound lane (out of Houston)just north of the Holmes Road on ramp. The hammer head appears to be a regular claw hammer. In addition, there is a smaller hammer head lying approximately 100 feet from this hammer head on the same side of the road. This is a bonus for anyone seeking a twofer. Handles for hammers are inexpensive in comparison to a good hammer.

I spotted both of these hammer heads on my way home from work. My intuition tells me these hammer heads are probably inexpensive. Traffic is a nightmare when I come home, so stopping to pick these up is not an option. I may go rescue these early one morning on a weekend if a flight of fancy strikes me. I seriously doubt anyone will rescue them before the street cleaners come by and sweep them into oblivion.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Main Street South Cordless Drill Sighting

I spotted a cordless drill as I was driving in to work. It was part of a twofer day. I had just spotted a kitchen knife when I saw this tool.

The drill was lying on the inside shoulder of the north bound lane of Main Street South near the on ramp from Holmes Road. The drill appeared to be a Black and Decker brand drill. I determined this due to the drill's distinctive orange and black coloring. The cordless part was also easy to determine since it appeared to be missing a battery. There was no time to slow down and pick up this tool. I was on it and past it before I had a chance to react. In addition, I have several cordless drills so I don't really need a tool without a battery.

Main Street South Knife Sighting

I had a really great trip to work today. I spotted a knife and I also spotted a cordless drill. The knife is lying in the median between the north and south bound lanes of Main Street on the north side of the South Post Oak overpass.

The knife appears to to be a kitchen style knife with a wooden handle and is approximately 8 inches long. I have no idea why a knife would be lying in the median, but as a tool I felt it should be documented.

Main Street South Hammer Sighting

On the way home from work yesterday I spotted a hammer lying on the side of the road. I saw it in a side mirror glance backward as I passed it. The claw hammer was lying on the inside shoulder of south bound Main Street (such as it is all 6 inches) approximately 3/4 of a mile south of the intersection of Main Street and Loop 610. The claw hammer appears to have a fiberglass handle. It is probably an off brand tool, but there is probably no way to know since it will be almost impossible to obtain this tool.