Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I found your lost "kitchen" tool.

The title to this post was suggested by my friend and coworker Jeff. He is always amused by my "finds". I was stopped at the traffic signal waiting to cross and go home from a trip to Home Depot when I found this Pappadeaux branded waiter's tool on the west side of the intersection of Highway 6 and Glenn Lakes Lane. It was lying near the median. The tool appears to have been run over several times, but is still in functioning order. The knife blade is still sharp and has no rust. I suspect someone picked it up from their table as a souvenir and their spouse had an objection to the theft so they threw it away on their way home.

I've been carrying this in my truck for over six months. I found this instrument in June of 2008. I rediscoverd this tool when I was looking for a pen in my truck. I needed a pen to complete the address label on my taxes. Always remember to take a pen to the post office. The government can not afford to stock the post office with pens. Once you are at the window with the post office lady looking at you with an expression of great pain because you did not prefill your address label it's too late for help. I guess I need to find a Monteblanc pen.


  1. I used to stock my room with pens and pencils I found dropped in the halls by the high school kids. I had enough pencils to hand out. You'd be surprised at the good pens the kids would toss away! Perhaps I could stay on the lookout for that Monteblanc pen for ya. LOL!

  2. Please do. My favorite pen is actually a Quattro, but I could never turn down a "found" Monteblanc!