Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Why this Blog Exists

I find tools. Friends and acquaintances find this interesting and even a bit strange. My family less so (more later). Most often I find tools on the side of the road or in the middle of the street.

Most of the tools are usable. Many are in great shape. I usually don't bother stopping for broken tools. I don't even pick up all the tools that I see. With traffic in the Houston, Texas area being quite hectic I usually will not take my life in my hands to stop for a tool unless it is safe to do so.

My commute to work every day takes 45 minutes one way. This gives me lots of time during the 18 mile one way trip to check out the scenery while driving to work. Road construction, other drivers, new buildings and businesses, Rice students, Med Center workers and strangely enough tools on the side of the road.

Because this is a mundane and totally benign hobby I have decided to bore the world with my findings. Blogs will include photos and stories of tools I have found in the past, commentary on tools I see and don't pick up and other probably uninteresting, but tangentially connected blathering. Feel free to comment, monitor this blog to find tools or to report tools you have seen.

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