Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Med Center Find

I obtained this 7 millimeter Husky ratcheting wrench in December 2008 next to the inside curb on Mainstreet just north east of the overpass in the Med Center. I drove by this wrench every day for almost 6 months. One day traffic stopped me right beside the wrench. I got out of my truck, grabbed the wrench and continued my journey to work.

By all accounts, the wrench shouldn't have been there for 6 months. Usually the city cleans the curbs so items do not stay on medians or curbs more than two or three months. In addition, people walked by this wrench every day. With all of the construction in the area, hundreds of construction workers passed by this wrench daily and yet for some unknown reason they did not see or chose not to see this great find.

Considering the regular rain and Hurricane Ike having pelted this wrench it works well. It should have been rusted and unmoving. Although not a heavy duty tool it was in great shape and the ratcheting worked in both directions. I'm impressed with this tool. I went to Home Depot to locate these tools and check on a price. It appears that Home Depot no longer carries this open end ratcheting wrench.

Since I have two sets of ratcheting wrenches I gave this wrench to my friend and coworker Jeff. He let me take this picture of it for this record.

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