Friday, February 20, 2009

Montrose/West Dallas Stubby Screwdriver Sighting

Today when returning to work from an enjoyable lunch with coworkers at The Black Labrador, Jeff spotted a stubby screwdriver. We were sitting in Robin's car waiting at the traffic signal in the north bound turn lane at the intersection of Montrose and West Dallas. The ergonomically handled screwdriver was approximately 2 feet from the stopping line of the turn lane.

Jeff was amazed at having spotted a tool. He is constantly amused by what is possibly the only truly unique talent I possess. He made sure he pointed it out to me to ensure I would have to create a blog entry. If he had spotted it in a more timely manner he would have grabbed it so I would be forced to take a picture to add to this blog. Traffic prevented him from being able to retrieve the screwdriver.

On another note. Lunch today was to say goodbye to a coworker that is being laid off from his job. I'm quite positive we will see him around from time to time. To keep track of him on an interim basis I have listed a link to his Tech blog Arogan. I encourage you to take a look.

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