Thursday, June 10, 2010

South Post Oak Scoop Shovel Sighting

Today on my way home from work I spotted a scoop shovel (aka barn shovel or grain shovel) on the side of the road. I was riding in my car pool and happened to see it lying on the side of the road.  My carpool buddy was driving.  We were in the center lane and the shovel was on the inside shoulder one lane over.  My buddy tried everything possible to find a way over, but traffic was too heavy and the light changed preventing any opportunity to pick up the shovel safely.

The shovel was located about 500 feet north of the South Post Oak Willowbend intersection on the southbound inner shoulder.  The shovel appeared to be in good shape.  The shovel had yellow fiberglass  handle with a D style grip.  The pan of the shovel appeared to be gray metal and had little or no rust.  Someone delivering compost or gardening soil probably lost this shovel. 

My buddy really wanted to stop and pick up this shovel.  Maybe next time...

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