Wednesday, June 9, 2010

610 South/288 North Ball-Pien Hammer Sighting

I car pool 4 days each week. I drive on Monday and Tuesdays. My buddy drives on Wednesday and Thursday. I enjoy car pooling with my buddy, we solve the worlds problems, a few work problems and generally have a good time going back and forth to work. It makes the ride more bearable.

Today I saw a ball-pien hammer lying on the shoulder (if you can really call it that) of the on ramp from 610 Loop south to Hwy 288 North. Traffic was flowing nicely.  We have been fortunate.  Traffic has been light since school stopped two weeks ago.

The hammer had a wooden handle and appeared to be in good shape.  The head of the hammer was used but appeared to be in serviceable condition.  The handle was at least 12 inches long and appeared to be unbroken.  I have several ball-pien hammers and at least one ballpien- hammer head.  Stopping was not an option.  Someone else will need to claim this tool.

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