Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hwy 59 - 8 Foot Aluminum Ladder Sighting

It's rare when a ladder is found on the side of the interstate Houston any any usable shape, but today that string of disappointment could have been broken.  On the way home from picking blueberries at Oakview Orchard near Cold Springs/Cleveland, Texas, I spotted a 6 to 8 foot aluminum ladder lying by the side of the road.  It appeared to be in great shape.  Traffic was light, but I was in the RAV4 and didn't want to tie it to the roof.  Besides, a strict interpretation of the rules and an inventory of my garage shows I have three ladders including a 6 foot aluminum ladder.  Someone else will get the opportunity to pick up this treasure.

The ladder was lying on the inside shoulder of the interstate around 10 miles outside of Beltway 8.

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