Monday, June 28, 2010

South Main - Scissor Jack

Okay,  sometimes I involve others in my madness.  Case in point.  Yesterday while driving to work my carpool buddy and I were caught in stop and go traffic on South Main Street.  Traffic was really slow.  I was driving and was in the right outside lane next to the retaining wall when I spotted this scissor jack.  I threw the car into park and excitedly asked my buddy to hop out and grab the jack.  Being a good sport he quickly jumped out of the car and was back in with the jack in less than 10 seconds. Traffic was not slowed or stopped due to our brief stoppage and there was no danger of being run over due to the stop and go traffic.

This is a really nice jack.  It looks new.  With the exception of a few scraped spots there is nothing wrong with this jack.  I cranked it up and down with no problems.  At the moment I am unable to determine the brand.  I suspect the jack is from an Asian manufacturing plant, but until I have more time to examine it the mystery will remain.

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