Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Main Street Pocket Knife Sighting

Things happen. I've seen a pocket knife lying on the inside shoulder of Main Street just south of the fire station for about 3 weeks. The knife appeared to be a muskrat style pocket knife (two long blades one at each end). It appeared the handles were broken, but I did not have a chance for close inspection. Brand identification was completely impossible. I almost had an opportunity to pick it up yesterday, but the line of cars in front of me started moving so I let it go. The rules keep me safe so I try to use them whenever possible.

Today the knife is gone, and so is all the debris on the inside shoulder as well as the hammer handle in front of the fire station. Houston city curb cleaners do it again! Every so often the curb cleaners remove everything and we start over again. There is no rhyme or reason or even a schedule. The curbs in front of Reliant have not been cleaned in months. Rodeo came and went and the curbs remained uncleaned from before Ike, but now the section of Main Street on the south side of 610 is clean. I'm not sure I understand the scheduling or the logic behind it, but I accept it as a part of life.

The good thing about curb cleaning is that it removes the detritus blocking our view of other material goods. After a good curb cleaning the "find" opportunities increase. Every cloud has a silver lining or a clean curb.

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