Monday, April 20, 2009

Holmes Road/Main Street Onramp - Screwdriver Sighting

Today was an exceptionally busy day at work. I barely had time to eat. My wife called to discuss my lunch options for the next few days. The call was pressure buster and really made my day. The only other bright spot was the trip home. I spotted a hammer not far from work and I spotted this screwdriver not far from home.

The screwdriver was lying in the left lane of the on Holmes Road on ramp to Main Street South just south of the intersection with Hiram Clark Road. The screwdriver appears to be a 8 inch slotted screwdriver with a white handle trimmed in red and blue. It may be a Craftsman tool, but the color scheme wasn't quite right.

Traffic was heavy and the rules prohibit stopping for screwdrivers, but I may slow down tomorrow to get a better view.

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