Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stanley 99E Box Cutter

I found this Stanley 99E utility knife in the middle of the street in front of my house. I was working in my yard pulling weeds. I kept hearing a metallic sound from the street every time a car passed by the house. I walked out to the street and found the box cutter lying between the stripes in the center of the street.

The box cutter is in rough shape. The blade extender is broken and the pressure put on the frame by the cars running over the cutter has pressed it out of shape, but the cutter still tightly holds single blades in an open position making it useful.

The Stanley 99E Utility Knife is the classic retractable utility knife from the classic tool maker. I have several other utility knives, and they are all designed like the original Stanley 99. The ability of the tool to remain somewhat functional even after being repeatedly smashed is a testament to the Stanley design and manufacturing process. I wish I had found it before it was smashed, but I will get a lot of good use from this tool as a fixed blade utility knife.

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