Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Main Street - 13mm NAPA Professional Wrench

I found this 13 millimeter NAPA Professional combination wrench on Main street when I was stuck in traffic for over 2 hours due to the traffic signal being out a Main Street and Loop 610 South on Tuesday.
The weather the night before and early that morning had been extreme in some parts of Houston. The area between I-10 and 290 received up to 11 inches of rain in some areas. Flooding was rampant in areas north of Main Street and especially in areas north of I-59. The light was out due to the weather, although the weather had not been as extreme on the south side of town.
I suspect a lot of the trash on the inside median had been washed away. With traffic backed up for over 5 miles I had plenty of time to scope out the median. This wrench was lying on the left median next to the retaining wall about one mile north of the Holmes road off ramp. The wrench is one of the high polish versions. There is a little surface rust on the wrench, but otherwise the wrench is in excellent shape.
The tools is marked NDRM53. This appears to be a tool sold by NAPA to student mechanics. Nice idea. Unfortunately now a student is without his 13 mm combination wrench. I suppose he will borrow one or she will buy a new wrench, but probably a different brand. Brand doesn't matter if you are working, but a matched set of wrenches is more professional looking.

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