Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hwy 288 South - Lever Load Binder

I found this Lever Load Binder on the side of Hwy 288 South southbound just north of the Wheeler Avenue overpass. The load binder was lying about three feet off of the road on the inside shoulder. Traffic was flowing along at a swift 15 mph. I spotted the binder, pulled over quickly, threw my emergency lights on, jumped out of my truck, grabbed the binder, jumped back in my truck and upon turning my emergency lights off I found an open spot in traffic and continued on my trip home. The entire episode lasted less than 2 minutes.

The load binder was manufactured by Lebus. This is a simple lever load binder. There are more complex ratcheting binders. The binder weighs over 10 pounds and has an overall length of over 24 inches. To view the size scale of this tool I've included a second photo with a 16 inches by 24 inches metal square for reference. I also located some specifics about Lebus load binders. Overall the binder is in good operating condition, but like most well used binders it is covered in surface rust.

I've always wanted to stop and pick up a load binder, but the opportunity has never presented itself. Something has always prevented me from picking up the load binders I've seen in the past. Bad traffic, broken binders, binders in the middle of the road, late for work, this is just a few of the reasons I've passed up load binders I've seen in the past. Today the planets aligned and I picked up a load binder. Obviously, the binder dropped off of a tractor trailer or maybe even a wrecker. Binders of this type are relatively inexpensive costing around $30 +/-.

This tool epitomizes my odd penchant for spotting and picking up tools on the side of the road. I can say without any hesitation that I will probably never have a need for this tool. I do have a chain I found that I can use with this load binder, but I can't conceive of a time or task that will present the opportunity to use this tool. I will probably clean the binder to stop the rusting and then paint it red with Rust-oleum and hang it on the wall.

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