Monday, March 22, 2010

Hwy 280 Socket Sightings

On the way home from work, I spotted several loose sockets on the side of  Highway 288.  I don't usually go home this way, but I use this route for three weeks every year in March due to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. While the rodeo is in town my usual route home becomes too congested and adds too much time to my commute.  Since I have a  full socket set and lots of extras I probably won't stop to pick them up even though they could be obtained with little exposure to danger.

The sockets are located beneath the Yellowstone overpass on outside shoulder of HWY 288 South.  There were as many as 7 sockets lying across a 40 foot expanse.  Someone will be unhappy with this loss. If I do stop and pick them up I'm hoping they are Snap-on sockets.  I've never found any Snap-on tools (because they are expensive so people really take great pains to protect them).

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