Friday, June 5, 2009

Main Street South - Hammer Head Sighting

I spotted a hammer head lying on the inside shoulder of Main Street in the southwest bound lane (out of Houston)just north of the Holmes Road on ramp. The hammer head appears to be a regular claw hammer. In addition, there is a smaller hammer head lying approximately 100 feet from this hammer head on the same side of the road. This is a bonus for anyone seeking a twofer. Handles for hammers are inexpensive in comparison to a good hammer.

I spotted both of these hammer heads on my way home from work. My intuition tells me these hammer heads are probably inexpensive. Traffic is a nightmare when I come home, so stopping to pick these up is not an option. I may go rescue these early one morning on a weekend if a flight of fancy strikes me. I seriously doubt anyone will rescue them before the street cleaners come by and sweep them into oblivion.

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